Exit popups turn your leaving visitors into customers

MaxTraffic is a powerful conversion rate optimization platform that provides Exit Intent technology

How Does It Work?

Exit Intent technology is effective because it is based on visitor psychology and pre-established knowledge of visitor behavior. Through a finely-tuned algorithm, MaxTraffic knows exactly when to re-engage visitors that are about to leave your site. The message is in your hands, however, as no one understands the profile and preferences of your customers better than you!

The benefits of Exit Intent technology are nearly immediate. Your retail site will experience a higher conversion rate, lower bounce rate, increased sales, and higher average cart sizes. Newsletter bases grow more rapidly when spurred by Exit Intent technology, and social media campaigns gain rapid amounts of new followers.

Here’s how MaxTraffic works to add value to your company:

Mouse Movement Analysis

When a visitor lands on your website, MaxTraffic begins tracking their mouse movement, velocity, and other behaviors. The user’s movements are compared against analysis of millions of previous user interactions, making it easy for our technology to predict when a user is on the verge of leaving.

Detect Intention to Leave

Once the visitor makes a movement that indicates the intention to leave it triggers our solution for site abandonment. An example of a behavior that would prompt our algorithm to display an offer would be moving towards the “back” button, hovering over the address bar, or moving rapidly towards the title bar buttons: minimize, maximize, and close.

Display Targeted Offer

As soon as the intention to leave has been detected by MaxTraffic, a targeted Exit Intent pop-up is displayed to the visitor. Custom-created to speak directly to your audience, this pop-up can compel the visitor to do everything from make a purchase to enter their email address. Specialized tools like A/B testing, geo-specific targeting, and adjustable timings help to make each unique overlay more effective.

The Results

Our subscribers use MaxTraffic for conversion optimization, newsletter building, promotion of special offers, and more. Since our founding, we’ve helped clients increase revenue by a total of more than 17,000,000 Euro. MaxTraffic is proven to deliver results; here are some of our clients’ experiences.

✓  Online retailers who have introduced MaxTraffic exit popups have seen an increase in online sales of up to 15%
✓  Users who integrate MaxTraffic with their Mailigen email marketing accounts have doubled newsletter subscription rates
✓  Site owners looking to build social media followings have used exit intent to compel more visitors to like them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram and Twitter

Types of Exit Popups

Special Offer

This exit popup reveals a new discount or other offer that encourages the visitor to make a purchase. These popups can offer free shipping or an extra discount on sale items; they are particularly effective at avoiding cart abandonment and prompting customers to make larger purchases.

Cart Abandonment Notification

This overlay reminds visitors that they have left items in their shopping cart. The gentle reminder is sometimes all that it takes to re-engage a customer and get them to complete the purchase; however, in some cases you may want to sweeten the deal by offering a discount on the items that currently remain in the cart.

Item Feature

These exit popups highlight popular items, new products, or “items you may like” in an attempt to convince the visitor to take another look around the online store. With customizable campaigns, you can choose which items are featured; you may seek to promote an underperforming item by depicting it as a “hot new item” or “our most popular product.” Taking advantage of customer psychology is an important aspect of this type of exit intent overlay.

Information Capture

This exit intent popup captures the visitor’s email address to add to your subscription list or database. With this information, you can then build a long-term relationship with the visitor through newsletters, promotional materials, or other targeted messages. Some clients incentivize this type of popup by offering a discount in exchange for the information. This type of overlay is occasionally called a newsletter popup because of its usefulness in building a newsletter base.

Time-Sensitive Discount

The more your marketing can encourage visitors to make quick and impulsive decisions, the more likely you are to experience high conversion rates and improved sales numbers. Time- sensitive discounts with a visible countdown clock play on the visitor’s emotions and set them in a race against time to complete a purchase. Use this strategy if you’ve been having issues with cart abandonment.

Gather leads

Not ready to put the hard sell on the client quite yet? Exit intent can also be used to build a lead list. Again, these overlays are made more effective when they are incentivized; you’ll see increases in numbers when a discount is offered in exchange for contact information.

We’ve Got Everything You Need

Solutions for Mobile Devices

Our unique BounceBack technology enables you to capture visitors from mobile devices when they are about to leave your site. Mobile user behavior is fundamentally different from that of PC users, and we’ve fine-tuned our mobile algorithm to understand the sensitivities and preferences of mobile visitors.

Advanced Editing Tools and Ad Types

You can use both pop-ups and promo bars to engage leaving visitors. No coding skills required: our intuitive editing tools make it easy for you to create a persuasive campaign. We’ve provided a collection of useful templates for inspiration, and our simple user interface allows you to create everything from newsletter popups to countdown overlays in just a few minutes.

Control in the Hands of the Client

Our self-service platform puts you in total control of your advertisements. You don’t need a massive market research budget or out-of-touch ad agency to tell you about your audience; you know best how to speak to your visitors. Our Success Managers will help guide you on the path to higher revenue by pointing out new and innovative ways to design Exit Intent ads, but the message is always up to you.

Advanced Features for Increased Conversions

A/B Testing

Boost your conversion rate by comparing the effectiveness of different offers and ad types. Keep track of which campaigns are underperforming and which are bringing in added value to your site; hone your marketing messages with repeated tests until you have a finely-tuned set of exit overlays.

Adjustable Timing

Control the timing of your message: how long it takes for the message to deploy, how long it is displayed, and how often it can be shown to the same customer. Avoid oversaturation by making sure that you never show the same message twice to a customer, and delay the onset of a message to give the visitor the chance to look around your site. Exit Intent technology requires sensitivity to the visitor’s attitudes, and adjustable timing can help to prevent annoying campaign overload.

Real-Time Analytics

See in real time which pages and pop-ups yield the best results. Our analytics keep track of impressions, conversions, revenue, and other visitor behaviors to give you an accurate picture of how MaxTraffic is bringing value to your business. Information is laid out in clear, easy-to-understand data and charts so that you don’t have to struggle to interpret your results.

Targeting Options

Target specific segments of your audience with unique offers to meet their needs. Change your marketing message for different countries with geo-targeting, and make terraced offers to repeat customers to close in on that long-awaited sale. With so many different options for targeting strategies, you can create fine-tuned advertisements for an unlimited variety of audience segments.

Real Results from Real Clients

Hansapost increased their conversion rate by 5% with Exit Intent popups from MaxTraffic. Since subscribing to a MaxTraffic plan, they’ve used our service to promote their best deals and capture user information. Like clockwork, their sales have increased and they’re building a substantial email base to promote future offers to visitors.

Read the full case study for more information

MaxTraffic isn’t just for online retailers; it can bring tangible benefits to sites that depend on sign-up form results. Compensa, a company that offers auto insurance around the world, turned to MaxTraffic to help prevent sign-up form abandonment. By reconnecting with customers bouncing from the site, Compensa increased their conversion rate on sign-up forms by 9.5%, resulting in 150 new customers each month. How would your company benefit from an extra 150 customers every single month?

Read the full case study for more information

MaxTraffic Integrates with All Website and E-Commerce Platforms

Shopify popup - Use MaxTraffic to re-engage customers on your Shopify store and increase sales. We offer a special 30-day free trial to Shopify users; we’re certain that our service will prove its worth in just one month. Even after the free trial, Shopify users can enjoy MaxTraffic for heavily discounted rates.

Magento popup - If you’ve built a Magento e-commerce site, you can use MaxTraffic to prevent cart abandonment and convert leaving visitors into customers. We’ve written a series of articles for Magento’s blog, www.newsgento.com, that discuss best practices for implementing Exit Intent technology and taking advantage of customer psychology.

Wordpress popup plugin - Install MaxTraffic either via the WordPress.org plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress and then go to MaxTraffic section in WordPress. Log in with your MaxTraffic access details or register right there from the plugin.

Mailigen popup - MaxTraffic can help you make the most out of your Mailigen email marketing services by using on-site retargeting to build your email base. Our email popups are ideal for information capture, getting your foot in the door for a long-term conversation with your visitors.

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