Conversion Tools

A/B Testing

Want to test out different offers or designs? Just add several banners in one campaign, and our platform will automatically start an A/B test. After each banner gets minimum of 500 impressions, the best performing banner will continue to be shown, while others will be paused.

Dynamic Content

Want to show unique text or images or any other HTML content to each visitor? With MaxTraffic dynamic variables you can easily do that. More info here: “How to use dynamic content in Exit Popups?”.

Email About New Leads

For each campaign you can specify one or several email addresses to which all new leads will be sent. That way you can respond to incoming inquiries in almost real time! And we automatically add country, device and referal of each lead as well in the email that is sent.

Content Preloading

To make sure that banners show up in split second all banner content is preloaded just as visitor enters website. And when banner is triggered (by leaving site, or time, or some other trigger) to be shown, it will appear without any delay.

CDN Content Delivery

MaxTraffic tracking scripts and client banners are loaded from Amazon Content Delivery network – meaning that our content is stored in many servers world-wide and depending on visitor location, the nearest server is used to load all files as fast as possible.

Asynchronous Script

Just like Google and Facebook, also MaxTraffic uses asynchronous script loading technology – which means that all content is loaded parallel to webpage and does not have any impact on page loading speed. Even in worst case scenario – if MaxTraffic servers would not be available, it would not have any impact on client website loading time.