Drag and Drop Editor

Text Formatting

Add texts and customize them: font, font size, color, bold, underline. We don’t use fixed templates, so you place them anywhere you want.

Countdown Timer

Set specific time or campaign end time, if used in combination with discount code, then countdown timer will show up in bottom of site after banner is closed.

Discount Code

Discount code shows up after popup is closed, it can include countdown timer and disappears automatically after purchase is made. That way visitors will have it always visible and don’t need to remember it.


Use transparent buttons or customize them: color, background color, font, font size, link, text. Button can have a link or be used as Close button.

Custom HTML

Add any custom HTML code – for example, embed a video or poll, or add iframe or any other element in your banner.


Change background, upload any images and resize or move them to any location.

Post Info to Custom URL

Want to receive leads to your own system or CRM? No problem, you can set up any campaign to post all info to your own custom URL, and even add hidden input fields, if needed.

Field Validation

For text fields you can set custom error message, and set validation rules: optional, required, email. For checkboxes you can set custom error message as well and similarly set validation – is it required to mark it or not.