How do Exit Intent Popups work?

1. Track visitor behaviour

When a visitor lands on your website, MaxTraffic begins tracking that visitor’s mouse movement, velocity and other behaviors.

2. Detect Intention to Leave

Our Exit Intent technology allows MaxTraffic to determine the exact moment when a visitor is about to leave your site

3. Display Targeted Offer

MaxTraffic displays a targeted offer to your visitor. This gives you the ability to either capture a new lead or gain a sale.

Exit Intent

Use Exit Intent technology to display an offer to visitors right when they are about to leave your website. To catch this moment, we analyze mouse cursor movement direction, speed & check if several tabs are not opened. It also works on mobile devices.

Start & End date

For any campaign you can set it to run all the time, or limit it by setting a start and end date.

Advanced Scheduling

Show an offer only on weekends or specific days/times during the week.

Time Based display

Show a campaign exactly after specific amount of time is spent either on website or in one pageview.