Targeting and Segments

Page & Category Targeting

Show offers in specific pages or categories of your website. Or do the opposite – exclude some specific URLs from a campaign. You can also combine this together with other settings – for example, time spent on page.

New vs Returning Visitors

Segment your visitors based on their status, you can show one offer to new visitors and something different to returning ones. Or go a step further – maybe you have some special for returning clients, who have made an order before.

Target by Device

Target your promotion on all devices or select one or two together: desktop, tablet, mobile.

Geo Targeting

Target your campaign based on visitor’s country. You can include or exclude as many countries as you wish. That way you can either localize your offers in different languages or if an offer is available only in a specific country, show it only to visitors from this country.

Target by Engagement

You can set to show campaign only to visitors who have spent a specific amount of time in your website or in a specific pageview, or specify – that campaign would be shown only if visitor would have seen at least X pages. By using these targeting settings you can show special offers only to your engaged visitors.

Custom Segments

Use custom segments to target visitors based on their age, gender, city, cart value or any other info. Our platform will also show stats – how many visitors are there in each segment.