Targeting and Scheduling

Geo Targeting

Target your campaign based on visitor’s country. You can include or exclude as many countries as you wish. That way if an offer is available only in a specific country, show it only to visitors from this country.

URL Targeting

URL targeting allows you to target your push messages based on pages subscriber has previously visited on your site. Judging by the pages subscriber has visited on your site, you can make an assumption that particular user is interested in a certain type of product or service. Read more: URL Targeting for Push Notifications is Here!


Schedule your Push notifications in advance – that way you can prepare all your offers even weeks in advance.


Localize your campaign message based on visitor’s primary browser language. You can translate each notification to as many languages as you want (and also see which are the top languages used by your clients). Make sure your clients receive notification in their own language and they will respond with higher click rates.