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Exit Intent Popups

Popups that appear just as your visitors are about to leave. This is an opportunity to re-engage visitors just before they leave your website

Push Notifications

Instant, clickable messages on a desktop or mobile device. Websites can send Push Notifications directly to people who have subscribed to notifications

Client Reviews

Client Results

28% web form conversion increase

Revenue increased by 15%

150 new customers per month by using Exit Overlays

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Conversion rate increased by 17.5%

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Travel RSP sells more tours with Exit Popups

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Conversion rate increased by 5.5%

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Increased conversion rate by 5%

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Exit overlays increased sales by 6.5%

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Helps to increase online sales

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Exit intent technology increases sales by 10.28%

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Integrations and Implementations

MaxTraffic can be implemented in any website on the internet. All you have to do is place a small tracking javasctipt code (very similar to Google Analytics) on all pages of your site and you are good to go. If you use any of the following e-commerce platforms, integration can be done by installing our plugin.

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