Tired of Black Friday Deal Posts? Here’s one that will actually make a difference to your business

Tired of Black Friday Deal Posts? The ones that cry 'buy' and don't explain 'why'? We too. That's why we have thought things through - what a marketer needs for every stage of their marketing funnel, what best tools are available out there, and then looked for their Black Friday 2019 Deals. We believe these…

Web Push API stats & Overlay A/B testing

Web Push API statistics

We have added analytics for Web Push notifications that are sent with our Web Push API – for example, if you have created a Cart Abandonment campaign, then you will be able to see statistics about it: Messages Sent, Views, Clicks, Click-Trough-Rate (CTR):

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Salesforce integration for MaxTraffic

We have launched a new integration for MaxTraffic!

You can now integrate Overlay campaigns together with your Salesforce CRM system and make sure that all new leads from MaxTraffic are automatically added in Salesforce as well. Continue reading Salesforce integration for MaxTraffic

Update to MaxTraffic Overlays: URL targeting

We have launched an update to Overlays and Promo Bars – now URL targeting will look and work similar how it was set up in our Web Push product.

Instead of using asterisks (*) you now have option to use one of these conditions when targeting your Overlay or Promo Bar campaigns: Continue reading Update to MaxTraffic Overlays: URL targeting

4 Ways to Get More YouTube Channel Subscribers

More than one billion people currently use YouTube, which is roughly one-third of all of the people who get online today. That makes this video-based platform a great marketing avenue for business owners intent on increasing their reach. However, making this particular marketing option work requires first getting consumers to subscribe to your YouTube channel.…

5 Really Good Reasons To Start a YouTube Channel for Your Business

It's no secret that YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the Internet. But does its general effectiveness live on beyond people who are just trying to find old episodes of "Full House"? Or who missed a sketch on "Saturday Night Live" and are trying to catch up on Monday morning? In a…

5 Types of Retargeting Strategies [Smart Retargeting Campaign Ideas You Can Steal]

Truth is, the majority of your website visitors won’t convert on their first visit. And if you're not doing anything to change it, you are losing countless opportunities to convert users who have already shown interested in your brand. If you're not ready to part with potential customers that bounced, you need to master the art of retargeting. By…