How to Design Exit-Intent Popup That Works Part 3 | Keep Target in Sight

So far we have spoken about how important it is to mind the design and focus on the message when creating effective exit-intent overlay.  Today let's focus on yet another rule, that all digital marketers and designers should swear by -  keeping your target in sight. Third rule: Keep Target in Sight Obviously not only what you’re showing matters, but…

5 Things To Get Right – Real-Time Marketing

77% of marketers agree that being flexible in marketing strategies and having an ability to react to breaking news and relevant trends in order to communicate with customers is now crucial. However,  37% of marketers have not integrated real-time marketing as a part of their marketing strategies yet. We ask – WHY? Understanding real-time marketing…

New Possibilities For New Year

We are starting off 2017 with newly launched features on our platform. We have been restlessly working on improving our solutions to make your experience working with us even better. These are the new features we are thrilled to introduce you to. Web Push notifications - country targeting We are happy to announce that country targeting for push notification…

How to Design Exit-Intent Popup Part 2 | Focus on the Message

Over a month ago we spoke about the first rule to follow when creating exit-intent popups that work. It was all about finding a right design that attracts your prospects. Today we will be covering another important matter that directly affects the success of exit-intent performance. Second rule: Focus on the message However attractive your Exit-Intent popup might…

How Discount Codes And Time-bounded Offers Help Decrease Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment causes is a great deal of worry for eCommerce industry.  According to numerous case studies, average online shopping cart abandonment rate is almost 68%. Roughly speaking that makes 7 out of 10 window shoppers leave the site without completing the purchase. What a great loss of potential orders that could lead to increased…

How to Design Exit-Intent Popup – 5 Good Examples and Tips to Make it Better

Wait, don’t go! You have only just opened this post and you’re thinking about leaving already? Well, that’s exactly how so many of your customers feel when visiting your website. You know well, that the attention span of a internet-surfer is low. Your website is like a new toy in the hands of a three-year-old child.…

Sep 2016 news: Web Push notifications, Transparent Ads, Advanced Scheduling

Web Push notifications

Test period is over, we have launched Web Push notifications for all our clients together with several updates:

– Added date filter
– Added detailed stats for each sent notification: Impressions, Clicks, CTR
– Added overall stats: total impressions, total clicks and average CTR

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