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Web Push Notifications
Overlays & Promo Bars
30 days of FULL ACCESS. Afterwards, each domain priced individually as follows:
0/ mo
For up to
2 000 subscribers
  • Send Unlimited Notifications
  • Chat Support
  • Up to 2000 Subscribers
/ mo
Billed monthly
For up to
2 000 subscribers
  • Send Unlimited Notifications
  • Premium Support
  • Set Delivery Rate
  • Custom Branding
  • API Access
Contact Us for a customized quote
  • All Features
  • White Label Solution
  • Custom Payment Gateway
  • Custom Domain
  • Unlimited Users
  • One-click Signups
0/ mo
For domains with up to
5 000 monthly visits
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Chat Support
  • Up to 5000 Visits
/ mo
Billed annualy or € monthly
For domains with up to
5 000 monthly visits
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Premium Support
  • Unbranded
Contact Us for a customized quote
  • All Features
  • White Label Solution
  • Custom Payment Gateway
  • Custom Domain
  • Unlimited Users
  • One-click Signups
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Full Plan


Get Started
HTTP + HTTPS support

1 step browser default opt-in for HTTPS sites and fully customized 2-step opt-in for HTTP sites

Resubscribe button

Ability to show a small icon as reminder that visitor has blocked web push notifications. If visitor clicks on it - it shows animated instruction how to subscribe

Send unlimited messages
Advanced analytics

Get an overview for all messages sent in the timeframe. And for each notification you can see amount of views, clicks and click-through rate.

Online support chat
API Access

Use API to integratate your CRM or other platform with MaxTraffic and send automated web push notifications to your clients

Set delivery rate

Limit the delivery rate of web push messages in case you have a large amount of subscribers and don't want to overload your website with lot of traffic at once

Custom branding
Premium support

Email, Skype and phone access to personal account manager


Ability to send the same message in several languages at once, subscribers will receive it in language that is set as their main one in browser settings

Double CTA buttons

Ability to add 2 custom call-to-action buttons with any message, each button can have a custom icon

Rich Notification

Add large image to your push notification


Preview your message before it is sent to verify it will look in browser exactly like you expect it


Duplicate any previous message to use it as a starting point for creating a new one

Pageview (URL)

Target by any URL's that was or was not visited before. For example - send message to subscribers, who have not visited "thank you" page (have not purchased anything before)


Target by country - include or exclude subscribers from one or several countries

Last Activity

Target by last activity on website - for example, send message only to subscribers who have not visited website in last 30 days


Target by device - desktop, mobile, tablet


Ability to assign custom tags to any subscriber and use them when creating segments


Target by topic that was used in subscription process

Custom Traits

Target by custom traits that can be specified for each subscriber through API. For example - clients age, interests, etc.


Create custom segments based on different parameters and get exact estimate - how many subscribers match the specified segment settings

Send now or later

Send message now or set a specific later date and time when it should be sent

Advanced schedule

Create custom schedule for repeat messages - for example, send the same notification twice per week - Mondays and Wednesdays at 10 AM


Set a repeat schedule and send notification either weekly or monthly

Expire time

Set expiration time - if that is reached and subscriber has not been online and seen the message, then don't show it

Auto hide

Decide if you want the notification to be auto-hidden after a short time or if subscriber needs to click or close it before the notification dissapears

Subscribe prompts
Native opt-in

1-step browser opt-in that asks for permission. Available only for websites that have HTTPS support

2-step opt-in

Customizable 2-step opt-in that can be used both for HTTP and HTTPS sites

Subscribe to topics

Ability to subscribe visitor to custom topic (-s) and later create segments based on them

Prompt custom trigger

Trigger web push permission request manually with a JavaScript code

Welcome message

Send an automatic welcome message to new web push notification subscribers - it can include a thank you note, discount or link to a special offer

Full Plan


Get Started
Unlimited Campaigns
Chat Support
A/B testing

Want to test out different offers or designs? Just add several banners in one campaign, and our platform will automatically start an A/B test. After each banner gets minimum of 500 impressions, the best performing banner will continue to be shown, while others will be paused.

Content Preloading

To make sure that banners show up in split second all banner content is preloaded just as visitor enters website. And when banner is triggered (by leaving site, or time, or some other trigger) to be shown, it will appear without any delay.

CDN Content Delivery

MaxTraffic tracking scripts and client banners are loaded from Amazon Content Delivery network – meaning that our content is stored in many servers world-wide and depending on visitor location, the nearest server is used to load all files as fast as possible.

Asynchronous Script

Just like Google and Facebook, also MaxTraffic uses asynchronous script loading technology – which means that all content is loaded parallel to webpage and does not have any impact on page loading speed. Even in worst case scenario – if MaxTraffic servers would not be available, it would not have any impact on client website loading time.

Premium Support

Email, Skype and phone access to personal account manager

Exit Intent Technology

Trigger Overlay campaign at the exact moment when visitor is about to leave your website.

Manual Trigger (On Click)

Trigger your offer with a manual JavaScript code - when a visitor clicks on a specific part of your page - a button, box, link, or banner.

Time Spent

You can set to show campaign only to visitors who have spent a specific amount of time in your website or in a specific pageview


You can set to show campaign only to visitors who have viewed at least X amount of pageviews

Start and End Date

Set start and end date of campaign

Advanced Scheduling

Create an advanced schedule - for example show campaign 2-8PM on Mondays, 3-5PM on Wednesdays, etc.

Frequency Capping
GEO Targeting

Target your campaign based on visitor’s country. You can include or exclude as many countries as you wish. That way you can either localize your offers in different languages or if an offer is available only in a specific country, show it only to visitors from this country.

Page & Category (URL) targeting

Show offers in specific pages or categories of your website. Or do the opposite – exclude some specific URLs from a campaign.for clients who are abandoning cart or signup form.


You can target banners to be shown based on visitors device: desktop, tablet or mobile. If you target desktop users, you can also combine them together with tablet users because they use the same banner size.

New vs Returning Visitors

Segment your visitors based on their status, you can show one offer to new visitors and something different to returning ones.


Target returning clients, who have made an order before.

Cookie Targeting

Target visitors based on Cookies

Custom Segments

You can create your own custom segments and target visitors based on them.

Design & Customization
Drag and Drop Editor

Use banner editor to move around any element and fully customize your banners. It is very easy to use, no HTML knowledge necessary.

30+ Professional Templates

You can use any of 30+ templates to get started, and fully customize them according to your own design – change images, texts, buttons and any other element.

Mobile Templates

Don’t forget to set up campaigns for your mobile visitors. Each year more and more people visit webpages from mobile devices, so check out our mobile templates to customize them or get inspiration for your own mobile banner

Dynamic Content

Use dynamic fields to show completely customized banner content for each unique visitor! Possiblities are endless – you can show visitors name, city, last viewed product image or any custom HTML code.

Backdrop Color & Animations

You can remove the backdrop color of your banner or customize the colors and transparency level according to your website, and don’t stop there – select your favorite animation effect for banner and close button.

Discount Promotions

Planning to run a discount code campaign? Check out one of 3 templates with discount codes. Note that discount code will be shown to visitor even after banner is closed.

Custom Design

Feel free to create your own custom design, you can even use transparent banners! If needed – add buttons, texts on top of banner using our Drag and Drop Editor.

Retina Display Support

Want to make sure your banners look perfect also on high-density retina displays? Just use higher resolution banners (1600x1060px for Desktop&Tablet, 640x960px for Mobile) and our platform will optimize them automatically so they look great both on retina and standard displays.

Overlay Editor
Text Formatting

Add texts and customize them: font, font size, color, bold, underline. We don’t use fixed templates, so you place them anywhere you want.

Countdown Timer

Set specific time or campaign end time, if used in combination with discount code, then countdown timer will show up in bottom of site after banner is closed.

Discount Code

Discount code shows up after popup is closed, it can include countdown timer and disappears automatically after purchase is made. That way visitors will have it always visible and don’t need to remember it.


Use transparent buttons or customize them: color, background color, font, font size, link, text. Button can have a link or be used as Close button.

Custom HTML

Add any custom HTML code – for example, embed a video or poll, or add iframe or any other element in your banner.


Change background, upload any images and resize or move them to any location.

Post to Custom URL

Want to receive leads to your own system or CRM? No problem, you can set up any campaign to post all info to your own custom URL, and even add hidden input fields, if needed.

Field Validation

For text fields you can set custom error message, and set validation rules: optional, required, email. For checkboxes you can set custom error message as well and similarly set validation – is it required to mark it or not.


See an overview of all your campaigns in your main dashboard. Here you can see your total amount of views, clicks, leads, orders, CTR for your selected date period.


See detailed stats about all orders, and filter them by date or campaign. You can also export them to XLS. We show order ID, order amount, date.


Get info about all leads that were collected from your campaigns, and export them to CSV or XLS. You can export leads for all campaigns together or for a specific campaign.

Detailed stats

See detailed stats about each campaign – exactly how many people saw it, how many clicked and what was the click-through rate. That way you can see which promotions work the best.

Email Integrations
Other Integrations
Google Analytics

Want to track results within Google Analytics? No problem, we have full support for using UTM tags in links, so each click and conversion can also be tracked in Google Analytics.

Google Tag Manager

You can add MaxTraffic tracking code also with Google Tag Manager or any other 3rd party tag management service.

Custom Solutions

We are able to connect data with any service provider or create custom solutions for our most demanding customers.


Need Answers?
Find them here!

What happens when I reach 2000 subscribers on the Free plan?

When you reach 2000 subscribers, you won't be able to send notifications to any extra subscriber. The opt-in, though, would still be active on your website and you will keep collecting more subscribers. Once you decide to switch to Business plan, you will be able to reach all your subscribers.

What browsers does MaxTraffic support?

MaxTraffic supports following browsers:
Google Chrome (version 44+) on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android
Firefox (version 44+) on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android
Microsoft Edge (version 17+) on Windows
Safari on Mac OS X

Can MaxTraffic be integrated on non-secure, HTTP websites?

MaxTraffic can be integrated on both HTTP and HTTPS websites.

What if I decide to move to a different service provider?

You own your subscribers, we will provide instructions how to move your subscribers.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you are not satisfied with our service, you can email us at We’ll cancel your subscription immediately.

I have another question, who do I ask?

You can check out our Knowledge Base or reach out to us at - we will be happy to help.