Web Push Notifications

Reach your customers even when they aren’t on your website


Why use Push notifications?

Browser Push notifications is perfect solution to bring customers back on your website by sending them instant alerts about any news, special offers or other important events.

Build a Marketing List

Up to 30% of visitors opt-in to MaxTraffic Push notifications. You can grow your marketing list really fast.

Reach your customers anytime

Push notifications are sent to browsers, so your customers will see them even when they are not present on your website.

Get high engagement

Push notifications are clickable and very visible. For special promotions you can expect to get a click-rate up to 25%.


See what capabilities our Web Push Notifications service offers and what we are currently working on to make it even better!

Targeting & Scheduling

Use Geo targeting and send notifications only to specific countries or with help of language targeting send the same message in several languages at once. If you send notifications often or want to send them out when you are not online, use scheduling feature.

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With help of our dashboard you can see an overview of all your notifications – total views, clicks and average click rate. Or in detailed view check results of each message. You can also see a chart of your subscriber database growth and check subscription rate.

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Set up & integration

It is easy to get started – just add our tracking code (you can also use Google Tag Manager) and upload couple of files on your website. You can also use UTM tags and track all customer activity in Google Analytics. Customize your Resubsribe button to get even more subscribers.

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Server Technology

We use Amazon Content Delivery Network to make sure our scripts are loaded as fast as possible from anywhere in the world. And as we use asynchronous tracking script similar to Google Analytics, then even in worst case scenario – if our servers would not be available, it would not impact website loading speed.

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Coming Soon

Want to learn about upcoming updates? Very soon we will launch URL targeting – ability to send notifications to visitors based on pages they visited previously. Afterwards we also plan to launch API and engagement targeting.

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