The e-commerce landscape changes by the minute and you want to make sure you have the tools and business strategies to adapt. So here are 3 e-commerce trends that online store owners should be aware of in 2014.

1. Responsive design / Support for all devices
It’s not a secret that people are shopping online in more ways than ever before. More and more people are turning to their phones and tablets to research products and make their purchases. According to the Custora High-Growth E-Commerce Index, almost 40% of all online shopping done on 2013 Black Friday was from mobile devices. Hence, in 2014 we will see big efforts to make costumer experience and all digital devices equally comfortable. Online shops will be adapting to mobile screens and on-the-go context use.

2. More personal shopping experience
Another megatrend that I think will be big in 2014 is making the shopping experience more and more personal. The more data an e-commerce site has on their customers, the more personalized experience they can offer.
Shops will continue encouraging shoppers to register. From the shopper’s perspective this creates an opportunity to review orders, look at order history, or perhaps earn points in a loyalty program. E-commerce store owners gain data. Introduce a social login option (registration with Facebook, Google+ etc) and you will be able to gain even more data as well as an option to use social media more efficiently in attracting new customers.

3. SaaS
More and more software companies are moving away from the traditional download method to a subscription based service. E-commerce sites have to learn how to adapt and use that for their benefit.
One example of such services is “Live chat”. It can be an effective e-commerce conversion tool, providing customers with answers and help just when they’re making a buying decision. Live chat can also be used for support questions.
Online competition is likely to increase dramatically as new e-commerce merchants enter the market. Existing online sellers have to seek continued growth and ways to increase their conversions. Another tool that can help with that is MaxTraffic e-commerce, it affects website visitor behavior in order to drive sales by showing the right offer at the right time.
Services like Live chat and MaxTraffic can provide a huge competitive advantage and it is something online retailers need to consider in 2014.

These are 3 of the trends we expect to see in 2014. Do you agree with them?

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Andis Silakaktins
Digital marketing enthusiast, social media addict, mobile marketing believer. Chief Marketing Officer at MaxTraffic.