E-commerce Purchase Incentives

Looking for ways to increase your e-shops conversion rate? E-commerce purchase incentives is exactly what you need.

An e-commerce purchase incentive is something that motivates a website visitor to make a purchase. This can be anything – free shipping, a free product, a discounted price or a money-saving coupon. The main goal of the incentive is to convince more visitors of your site to complete their purchases and/or spend more money per transaction.

Here are 3 reasons why online store owners should consider e-commerce purchase incentives as part of their e-commerce marketing plan:

1. Increase conversions

Nowadays wanting or liking a product just isn’t enough to make shoppers complete their purchases, they need to be convinced to buy. A successful purchase incentive will help increase sales by sweetening the deal and persuading hesitant or indecisive shoppers to continue with their purchases. If shoppers cannot decide between buying one product over another, a free gift card or free product will likely induce them to buy. In many cases they are surprised about the additional shipping cost or just think the shipping cost drives the final cost up too high. Free shipping will surely help to acquire these customers.

2. Boost Average Order Value (AOV)

Many e-commerce businesses focus on growing revenue by increasing the amount of purchase, but focusing on average order value is equally important.
A clever way to increase AOV is by offering free shipping on orders greater than 25€. This kind of e-shop purchase incentive ensures that the majority of shoppers will spend at least that amount (or even more) to qualify for free shipping.

More often than not, people put more in their carts with eCommerce purchase incentives. Just set the minimum spend amount at the level you’d like your average order to be and watch your AOV grow.

3. To gain an edge over the competition

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts about shopping cart abandonment 36% of shoppers abandon their shopping carts because they have found a better offer elsewhere. This means that in order to attract the most shoppers, online retailers must offer the most appealing deal. Price cutting can only go so far before it destroys your profit (and damages the market for your competitors). E-commerce purchase incentives are a cost-effective way for retailers to ensure that customers will not search elsewhere but will stay on their site, complete the purchase and increase the amount of sales.

Ready to try e-commerce purchase incentives for your business?

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