Exit intent is an evil technology that enables marketers to manipulate their customer minds.
Being able to detect your visitor intentions should be seen as an unfair advantage!
I honestly feel bad for all those site owners that are not using exit popups*.

Most people hate pop-ups. And they don’t care about the technology behind them.
Similarly most people will say that they don’t click on banners.
But at the end of the day we see that banner ads drives traffic and exit intent popups vastly improves your conversion rates!

Exit pop-ups are amazing because they give you a second chance to capture visitor’s attention.
Average attention span for humans now is 8 seconds – that’s 4 seconds less than it was in 2000 (and 1 second less than a goldfish).
In a world of short attention span making things simple is a part of success.

By showing a concise and clear message to an abandoning visitor you can make him change his mind.
Offer a great deal, provide a discount or just remind why you are better then your competition and watch your sales skyrocket!

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Andis Silakaktins
Digital marketing enthusiast, social media addict, mobile marketing believer. Chief Marketing Officer at MaxTraffic.