13 Simple and Surprisingly Effective Exit Intent Popup Examples


Exit intent popups are our bread and butter.

Currently, approximately 80% of all MaxTraffic campaigns use Exit Intent technology. The variety of campaigns that are possible with Exit Intent technology sometimes confuses our customers; that is why we have gathered 13 simple but surprisingly effective exit popup examples.

What we have learned together with our customers will definitely come in handy to create the perfect exit intent popup.

For easier navigation here’s the table of contents:

1.0. Exit popups that drive instant sales

The idea behind this technique is to offer the customer unexpected trigger that would make saying NO close to impossible.

How to avoid site abandonment

To avoid site abandonment try using exit intent popups.

Down below you can find exit popup examples that will engage the bouncers.

1. Offer an immediate discount or coupon

This is probably the most popular way to secure a last-second purchase with an exit popup.

  1. Target ads at: First-time visitors, paid traffic
  2. Place on: Site-wide, landing pages, pricing or sign-up pages, product pages


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2. Time-based discount

This is another great tactic, but you must be careful with how often you employ it. If you serve this offer on too many pages or put it in front of too broad a user segment, you risk losing credibility with your customers.

  1. Target ads at: First-time visitors only
  2. Place on: Landing pages, pricing or sign-up pages
3. Promote top offers or special deals

This tactic is especially helpful when you have a “must-see” product that you want to show off to your visitors.

  1. Target ads at: Returning visitors who did not make a previous purchase, first-time visitors
  2. Place on: Site-wide, landing pages, product pages


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How to avoid cart abandonment

67.45% of the shoppers abandon their shopping carts. If this is not big enough reason to fight this issue – I don’t know what is. Here are the exit intent popup examples to save the abandoned carts.

4. Notification about a product in the cart

This is a very simple approach – reminding site abandoners that they’ve left items behind in their cart. This may not always generate earth-shattering results, but it’s definitely something to try.

  1. Target ads at: Site abandoners with products in their cart from both paid and organic traffic sources
  2. Place on: Site-wide
5. Customer support

Even today some shoppers struggle to complete the online checkout process without outside help. For stores with extensive or complicated checkouts, using an exit popup to offer help at checkout can reduce your cart abandonment rate. This tactic works great for financial site applications and sign-ups.

  1. Target ads at: Cart and sign-up abandoners from both paid and organic traffic sources
  2. Place on: Cart pages, checkout pages, sign-up pages
6. Bonus discounts at checkout

Offer a percent-off discount to customers on this or a following purchase.

  1. Target ads at: Cart abandoners from both paid and organic traffic sources
  2. Place on: Cart pages, checkout pages


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7. Shipping discount

No matter how low your prices are, many people leave once the shipping cost is added to their bill. Offer a shipping discount or free shipping to fight cart abandonment.

  1. Target ads at: First-time or repeat visitors who did not make a previous purchase, paid traffic
  2. Place on: Cart pages, checkout pages


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2.0. Exit intent pop-ups that generate leads

For every agency to fill the top of your funnel often is a serious hustle. Thus, you might want to use every help you can find – here are exit intent examples that will fill every funnel.

How to generate more email signups

There ain’t no better way to get email signups than exit intent popups.

When you have spent a considerable amount of money getting the customer on your page, offering a freebie that later could help to initiate an upsell is exactly how exit intent popups can help to utilize your marketing money.

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8. Offering a special deal in exchange for an email address

This tactic can greatly increase your chances of securing an immediate sale. It also allows you to establish a customer relationship through email.

  1. Target ads at: First time or repeat visitors, social media traffic, paid traffic
  2. Place on: Homepage, product pages, blog pages, company pages


Offer special deals to your visitors.

9. Get more newsletter subscribers

A personalized message in an exit popup can convert more visitors into subscribers.
Target ads at: Repeat visitors, social media traffic, search traffic
Place on: Blog pages, product pages, company pages

Capture interest

Exit intent popups can help to raise interest with different psychological triggers.

One of which – social proof.

With a popup you can immediately show which other friends liked the product or service you are offering.


10. Invite visitors to follow you

This simple tactic allows you to gather new followers on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Moreover, people will want to interact with your SM networks if their friends have done the same.

  1. Target ads at: Repeat visitors, search traffic, paid traffic
  2. Place on: Landing page, product page, after purchase

3.0. Get visitors’ feedback

Be Lean and stay ahead of the industries trends.

One of the best ways to collect customer feedback is – you guessed it, exit intent popups.

11. About your website in general

You can ask visitors to rate your store, its content, and design elements. This is a good tactic for new online stores and sites that have problems with high bounce rate.

  1. Target ads at: First-time visitors, search traffic
  2. Place on: Homepage, product pages
12. Ask their reason for leaving

An option to find out why your visitors are leaving is invaluable!

  1. Target ads at: First time visitors, repeat visitors, search traffic, paid traffic
  2. Place on: Landing page, product pages, cart page
13. About customer service

Using exit overlays you can get feedback about your customer service. Find out if your customer service provides the best help possible!

  1. Target ads at: Repeat visitors, customers
  2. Place on: Contact page, cart pages, checkout pages

4.0. Exit Offers for mobile phone users

Don’t forget to show Exit Offers for mobile devices – sometimes it is hard for visitors to find the right info as screen space is limited, but by using Exit Intent you can make sure that they don’t miss the best offers or chance to get a discount, if they finish a purchase.

exit_overlay_phone2 exit_intent_phone exit_offer_phone2

With more than half traffic coming from mobile phones – exit intent popups on the phone is a must.

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5.0. Ready to “exit popup” your game?

All in all, these are not the only options of how to use Exit Intent Popups but it’s a great inspiration to get started.

With a little imagination, you can create many different last-second incentives. Our clients use exit popups for content recommendation, e-book offers, short promotional clips, upcoming sale information and much more.

If you want to learn more – ask us anything in the comment section below.


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  • Hein Haraldson Berg

    Does these need to be as intrusive as an overlaying modal (“lightbox”) to be as effective as measured? Put differently; did you compare these to other ways of presenting the same offers/features?

    • Hein, thank you for the comment.

      First, I do not look at these these ads as intrusive. Exit intent overlays are only triggered when visitor is leaving. The ad in no way prevents visitor from taking the action he wanted to, merely motivates to do something else.

      As for effectiveness – with our clients who use we see overall sales increase by 3-25%.
      Those are sales that would otherwise be lost.

      When talking about email subscribers, we see that subscription rate doubles compared to when form is placed somewhere on site.

      • Sanjay Sawant @Firecart

        I agree with you, such exit intent popup motivates the visitors to be on the website and explore other features or services on the website and get connected with business for inquiry or take an action such as purchase. Such pop-up are effective and have improved the sales by 25-30% of our clients.

      • Convify

        I agree with you Lauma. But do you think exit intent pop ups are only triggered when visitor is leaving? There click based, scroll based triggers. In these cases visitor may not be leaving but they still see the pop up.

  • Sarah

    Ah controversial pop ups! Very interesting post. But again, timing is everything when it comes to pop ups.

  • MTBkelly

    Lots of talk (and loathing) about exit overlays these days. It is interesting to note how many of us have an aversion to them but like everything else, you have to test. It’s early days for one client but we’ve 2x their email sign ups since launching a new drip + overlay campaign. And what’s funny is that I do a ton of reading, I sign up for so many pdfs, webinars, etc., that I don’t know if I’d know about if it hadn’t been introduced in this way. Proof is always in the data!

  • Clubb Hopp

    yep, very very helpful article, but maxtraffic prices i think are a little too expensive for 1 URL only. Will you offer me a discount maybe so that i will not close the window now ? 🙂 First of all i would add such strategy to my site, and after to my other ecommerce projects. Let me know pls if you can help !

  • Nurture

    Exit offers gives you a second chance to convert a visitor into subscribers. If you do not have exit offers on your site, you may loose a good amount of interested subscribers just because you didn’t prompt them to collect basic info.

  • Skills4All

    thanks a lot; very nice content

  • Greg Sewastianowicz

    can somebody name 3 big brands using this kind of technology?

  • Great stuff, thanks!

  • Ben Hoban

    Hey I saw an exit intent that offered a PDF version of the page you were just leaving via subscription email. Can anyone point me to an example of this, I forgot where I saw it.

    • Giedre

      Thanks for stopping by. Our representative will get in touch with you shortly.

  • Jay

    What types of questions can you ask a customer why they are leaving & why aren’t they buying, if you want customer feedback but do not want to sound pushy??