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Over the years we have gathered a wealth of wisdom on how to use exit-intent popups as lead aggregation software. And most importantly, about how to automate lead generation.

And with all of this information summarized in one article, you too should be able to become an expert in B2B or B2C lead generation. Moreover, you will learn how to automate this to an extent that will let you focus on turning your cold prospects into paying customers, without having to worry about new leads.

Here’s an overview of the information you will find in this article:

  1. How to create and design the perfect exit-intent popup
  2. Where to place your Call-to-Action and how to get more leads
  3. How exit intent can help reduce form abandonment
  4. Ways to improve your exit-intent conversion rate (examples included)

Excited? Well, you have good reason to be.

Here is the table of contents so you can move about more easily.


1. What Exit-Intent Technology Is & Why You Are Missing Out

What is exit intent technology

This post explains what exit-intent technology is and why you are missing out if it’s not your number one lead aggregation software.

There’s one universal truth that anyone who’s played around with website traffic or user retention and conversion rate statistics will tell you: only a very small amount of people purchase on their first visit.

According to Monetate, a typical conversion rate lies anywhere between 1% and 5%.

So here we’ll outline how this technology can help increase your conversion rate, and, specifically:

  1. Why you are missing out if you are not using exit-intent popups
  2. What exit-intent technology is
  3. Why exit-intent technology works

2. How to Design Exit-Intent Popups That Work – Design is King [1/4]


Imagine that you’ve opened this post, haven’t found anything special and are thinking about leaving.

This is the precisely the article where you can learn how to combat this very issue.

Even better, it also includes the following useful information:

  1. An overview of exit-intent technology
  2. Practical examples of what works in the real world
  3. Tips on how to design exit-intent popups that’ll knock your customers’ socks off

3. How to Craft Exit-Intent Popups That Work – Focus on the Message [2/4]

No matter how attractive your Exit-Intent lightbox might be, all of your efforts will go to waste if your message doesn’t match the expectation of the customer.

If you don’t provide enough of an incentive for the client to engage with your content then you’re simply left with a desperate plea that has no chance of having any impact.

This article looks at the following:

  1. How to focus on an exit intent’s message
  2. Useful exit-intent message examples

4. How to Make Exit-Intent Popups That Work – Target the Right People [3/4]


Obviously, not only does it matter what you’re showing, but also to whom.

Knowing your customers is one of the basic rules of marketing, and applies also to the lead aggregation software you are using.

If you want to achieve truly impressive results, you have to reach the right customers at the right moment, and you need to know what you want from them in order to tackle that challenge correctly.

This post breaks down the targeting options that exit-intent technology has to offer:

  1. How to reach the right customer at the right time
  2. How A/B testing covers all the bases, so no customer gets left behind
  3. The amazing targeting features exit-intent popups can have

5. How to Create Exit-Intent Popups That Work – Call-to-Action [4/4]


This is the last post in the series and probably the most important step in learning how to use exit-intent software to generate leads.

Every exit-intent overlay has one goal – capturing the attention of the visitor and then converting them.

It is astonishing what encouraging your prospect to take a certain action can do to your conversion rate.

If you think your Call-to-Action is why your exit-intent popup software is not converting, then check out the tips this article has to offer:

  1. The lowdown on what it takes to create the perfect CTA
  2. Five useful exit-intent examples with calls to action that convert

6. Why Exit Intent is not Converting – 7 Issues That You Can Fix Today


Could it be that your exit-intent technology is not the best lead generation software that you could be using?

Well, there are seven other issues that you can already fix today to improve your lead aggregation efforts.

To name just a few, exit-intent software can:

  1. Stop your customers bouncing
  2. Increase your retention rate
  3. Improve a website’s conversion rate

This is something that you really should learn about in order to optimize your exit-intent lightbox properly.

Read more about it in this article.

7. 9 Examples of how to Decrease Mid-form Abandonment Using Exit Intent


To reduce online form abandonment it is advised to carefully reorganize and simplify the application itself. However, sometimes certain fields must be filled and the process cannot be further simplified.

In this case, exit-intent lightbox can come in handy.


Exit-intent overlays are meant to capture the attention of the leaving visitor and encourage them to actively engage with your brand instead of leaving. Exit popups are not only the best kind of lead aggregator software but can decrease your form abandonment rate.

Find out more in this post.

8. Increase Profits with Pop-up Testing [Exit Popup A/B Testing Secrets Revealed]

Pop-up Testing

How do you know which designs, messages, and calls to action bring more leads?

Without exit-intent pop-up testing you don’t.

In this article you can learn the following secrets:

  1. Pop-up Testing DOs & DONT’s
  2. How to A/B test a Call-to-ActionHeadline Copy, and Images

9. 13 Simple and Surprisingly Effective Exit-Intent Popup Examples

exit intent popup

Exit-intent popups are our bread and butter.

We’ve kept this article for last because it’s just that good.

Currently, about 80% of all MaxTraffic campaigns use Exit-Intent software. The sheer variety of campaigns that are possible with Exit-Intent technology can sometimes confuse customers.

That is why we have gathered 13 simple but surprisingly effective exit popup examples and described four amazing ways in which you can use them:

  1. Exit popups that drive instant sales
  2. Exit-intent popups that generate leads
  3. Getting visitors’ feedback
  4. Exit Offers for mobile phone users

Ready to Automate Lead Generation?

lead aggregation software automation

We hope that these articles have been useful and have also helped to clarify which lead aggregation software should be used to automate your lead generation.

In the long-term, a great exit-intent software can automate your lead generation with unimaginable results.

So go ahead and schedule a quick call with one of our experts – with our help, lead automation will be much easier than you might think.


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